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The Lesson Of Life
All our life is a terrible rush for happiness
Which is so elusive that we rarely get to touch it
We never get to know what is good and bad for us
And yet, every moment we happily bet our lives
On some "smart" decision made in a moment of rush.

We are young, full of hopes and inexperienced
We love a nice and gentle girl with long, silky hair
Never getting to marry her because of her gentleness...
A gentleness that is not challenging our masculinity
We dump her for a real bitch that thrills our heart.

We change her for a "better" one, for another one
And then... we go for the chosen one, the one we marry
And guess what? We realize that she is just an illusion...
An illusion of our inner chemistry and heated brain,
She is not the "chosen" one, but just another one.

By now we are not young or attractive anymore,
We wish in our deeper thoughts to have another go
At life's game called "Find the real love"
To pick the one that is challenging our masculinity
Through her gentleness by putting us in charge.

At least we learned something valuable about the world
Usually it is the least obvious things that matter,
It is simplicity that rules complexity
And the butterfly's gracious gentle touch
Is the one to leave a trace on our mortal heart.

Why do we always leave the best for last?

by Gabriel Ditu

©Copyright 2024 Gabriel Ditu