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There is no present moment to be seized...
By the time we think about this very second
It's nothing more than an other bit of history
But, if we can't enjoy this present moment
We can cherish everything that made us smile.

We wonder... What is life about?
And no matter how hard we try it
We'll always find the answer
In the last moment of existence
When life is fleeing our body
Deleting everything we ever knew.

How many times my darling I met you in the Past?
We'll never know what part from your lovely breast
I kissed when meeting you since the dawn of Time
Let us not waste these very precious moments
It wouldn't be long until will change to dust again.

It's Mother Nature that shaped our bodies
From stellar dust and tears of love
But nothing last forever in a windy world
So, let's spill again those tears of love
That Mother Nature will mix with dust.

Look at those stars above us,
They are our true ancestors.
Love them for their gift of life,
For making your lover's eyes,
To sparkle with the joy of love.

What is the difference between love and pain?
When I loved, I tasted the tears of love,
When I was in pain I tasted the tears of pain.
Tears of love... or tears of pain...
They all taste the same...
And then... I asked myself:
What is the difference between love and pain?

When we are wrapped in our loverís arms
We are so busy to spend the happy time
Never get a chance to write a little song
Only when love is gone and life is sad
We write a song to prize the love we lost.

You are probably a total stranger
I never knew your name or saw your face
And still... you are the lovely girl
That God has meant for me to love...
Let's look for that shooting star
That will grant and bless our love.

If you ask me what I need the most
I'll answer: "Your lovely shoulder"
That magic place I always dreamed
Between your heart and mind
And spoiled by your silky breast.

Only a fool will choose a pair of legs
Instead of a gentle and caring soul
The pair of legs is to impress your friends
While the gentle soul gives your life's a goal.

Always remember, my darling friend...
A second full of happiness
It's worth a thousand boring years,
And what is more important
It's filling your lovely eyes with stars.

Did you ever say a prayer to the mother of all winds?
It is the mother of the wind that shaped your body
And fills your lungs with the blooming flower's fragrance
It is the one that caress your lovely golden hair
And brings the whisper of your lover's deepest thoughts.

Why don't you like to have your picture taken?
Didn't you notice that the eyes are never old?
They have the same shinning power as before
Don't be bother by a wrinkle or a silver hair,
They symbolize the history that makes you rich.

Life it's a journey towards the Unknown
Filled with many happy and sad moments
I don't know what future holds for me
But I know that in this unique journey
I need your love and I need your hand.

Don't dream about me my precious love
Your dream will show me better than I am
Don't expect from me to match your dream
I am like any other imperfect mortal soul
Take everything I have or I can get
But don't ask for what's beyond my reach.

After all... ignorance is bliss
Seeking nice breasts, long legs
And never looking for the content
It's very hard to get it wrong
Unless you didn't loose your bliss.

The trick to open the gates of happiness
Lies in asking not more that you can get,
Accept the gift with honor and respect
Even when you've got a little less...

Always remember my dear friend
Don't try to challenge fate,
There is no winning edge on it,
But don't be sad... It's your fate.
Try to make the best of it.


by Gabriel Ditu

©Copyright 2024 Gabriel Ditu