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Alpha and Omega
"Why it is we and the universe exist? If we find the answer to this question, it would represent the ultimate triumph of human mind - for we would, then, know the mind of God."
Stephen W. Hawking

Alpha = Beginning, a beginning formed of everything and nothing, like:

0 = 1-1 = 2-2 = 3-3 = ... = 0

Thus there was once a Principle to make substance out of void and void out of substance. However for something to exist there must be someone to think about it. Consequently the Principle has created the first ray of light, from this it has created the matter and from matter, Man.

From the very beginning Man has attempted, not only to study the Creation, which in fact is another form of the Principle, but to penetrate the Principle itself. He was cast out from Paradise when he stated the first "Why?". It has been a long time since then, it does not matter how long.

Man’s whole existence was ruled by this question: "Why?" Maybe urged by the fragment of the Principle engraved in him. And now the much expected moment has come. The day when he found the Answer. Yet, when he reflected on this Answer, he actually contemplated his own inexistence, same as a zero can contemplate itself.

The Principle has proven its existence and beauty, only when it reached Omega = ... The End

by Gabriel Ditu

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