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What's the reason?

Was it knowledge? Was it spirit?
There was nothing to confirm it...
before the time begun De ce toate astea?

A fost spirit? A fost numar?
N-a fost suflet sa-l socoata
Suddenly a dot of energy is born
And bears the time and space within.
The Holy Three are seizing power,
They write the law to be the ruler,
Cauza un punct de energie naste
Timp si spatiu in el ascunde.
Cele trei preiau puterea...
Si scriu legea ce viata va crea,
And everything expands and swells,
1 second Cu viteza ametitoare universul
In the heat of thousand hells.
3 minutes Creste-n timp si spatiu.
In time the atoms sprang,
In the form of yin and yang,
In an world of unborn star
Where heat is still the czar...
5x10+05 years Din energie cu timpul se separa,
Gazele ce miine pieptul tau vor respira.
E inca o lume fara a stelelor lumina,
Si nimic nu pare viata s-o prezica...
The time is gone...
The stars are born
Timpul trece, altul vine
Stea se naste, stea apune,
And the galaxies are formed
From dust and force that stormed...
Din cenusa ei o alta stea rasare
Prima galaxie in univers apare.
The time is gone...
The life and death are born
You and me a couple formed
Our hearts by love are stormed...
Timpul trece... trece...
Viata naste, moarte-aduce.
Eu pe tine te iubesc,
Si cu tine ma-nsotesc.
The time is gone...
The life is over...
Ziua trece, anul trece...
Viata ne-o petrece.
Our hearts are still and cold
And my love is to be told.
Ale noastre inimi reci si mute,
In a stelelor cenusa-s asternute.
What's the reason of all that?
...we can only chat.

April 2000
Gabriel Ditu

De ce toate astea?
Nu pe mine ma-ntreba...
...intreaba a stelei raza.

Aprilie 2000
Gabriel Ditu