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The following represents a list of questions that I have regarding the Christian religion:

  1. If God is only one, why are we making a distinction between God, Jesus, and Holy Ghost?
  2. If we are all the descendants of Adam and Eve why is the Old Testament referring to the Jewish people as the chosen people?
  3. Why Jesus has not written anything, or at least dictate the New Testament?
  4. Who decide what is and what is not a metaphor in the Bible?
  5. How can we claim that the Bible is the word of God when the content of the Bible was "approved" by people?
  6. The last words in the Bible it's cursing the people who will dare to ADD or DELETE words, yet large numbers of Christians have different Bibles. Which Bible is the good Bible?
  7. There are numerous examples of physical objects that are viewed in different ways by large groups of people. If can not agree on a physical evidence how are we to agree on God which escapes our senses?
  8. Why the Jewish people do not believe in Jesus? They were there...
  9. Thomas was with Jesus and he was having doubts. What is the foundation of our faith?
  10. Why was an evolution of the religious ideas? The first people would have known God personally.
  11. If only believing in a so called, right God, saves your soul, then what happens with the people that never had the chance to hear about the right God.
  12. If you need the Holy Ghost to understand the Bible, how come not all of us have the chance of being enlightened by the Holy Ghost?
  13. Why do we have brain if all that God it's expecting from us is to obey blindly?
  14. If God is omniscient did Adam had a real choice?
  15. Why in the Christian religion the accent is put on Jesus?
  16. Are the Bible stories legends or facts? (eg Noah's Ark)
  17. Why needed God to sacrifice Jesus for us? Could not God forgive us, just like that?
  18. If hell is a punishment, do we need to be punished forever?
  19. What was the reason for God to create us?
  20. If God has created just an initial pair of humans and they end up on the planet Earth why has God created such a huge universe? Is like giving someone a house with so many rooms that there is no way for that person to see them all.
  21. Why is Christian religion applying to the non Jewish people? After all, in the Old Testament God is talking and looking after the Jews only.
  22. If Solomon asked God to make him wise, how come he made such a bad misjudgment in the end?
  23. Why is the Bible relevant to today's world? The Bible mentions the slavery but is not addressing the spam e-mails.
  24. Why was the Christian Church involved in so many ungodly actions?
  25. Why are there so many religions?
  26. What is Satan?
  27. If Satan is against God why is not God getting rid of it?
  28. Why one can put so many questions about the Christian Religion?
  29. Why was Jesus praying?
  30. If Jesus was alone in the Ghetsemani Garden, how come the apostels knew what he was saying to God?
  31. Very few people are changing the religious believes that they have inherited from their family. Why would God punish me for being born in the wrong family?
  32. You are facing the following choice: pick the right religion from the 3-4 religions of the world that are all claiming to be true religion and that will be consequences by not become a follower. What choice to make?
  33. Most, if not all people believing in a religion or another know nothing about the other religions except that they are wrong. Many Christians discard the Muslim religion because it's a made up religion from Judaism and Christianity. Than what makes Christianity which is based on Judaism correct? In fact this is how we discover the world around us. The Greek scientists created theories about the world as they have understood it. Newton based on some of their knowledge created a better theory. Hundreds of years latter Einstein has improved on that. Nobody I know, has discarded Einstein theory because is newer.

To answer any of the above questions one should not refer to the Bible, otherwise is like trying to solve a geometry problem by using undemonstrated properties of the same problem. Most religious people will answer all your questions in the following manner. No 6.4.2 it must be true because it said so in no 5.3.5 and in no 8.7.2. This type of reasoning was not really functioning during the Middle Ages, how is expected to use it today? Than we forget that if this technique is true other religions is using it as well, and yet we don't believe in those religions.

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