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About A Lizard

It is important the life of a little lizard? I would dare to say YES. The little lizard is an unimaginable big leap towards high organization of the matter. If we think of the gap between the primordial radiation and the dead lizard, I think that any person with a little bit of common sense, and a small amount of interest about the world around us, will realise the importance of the small lizard.

You will ask me: So what? Lizards has lived and died for millions and millions of years, and still the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Human Race evolved and represents the Evolution... Do we?

My son has just crushed one little lizard for no reason, whatsoever... and... what is maybe even more distressing, just for pleasure. Isn't it a concern for us to witness such an Evolution?

We represent undoubtedly a more sophisticated form of matter organization, aware of itself, and able to deal with abstract thoughts. And still we are inclined to do such a senseless act, and to destroy what Nature took billions of years to build, for absolutely no reason.

This fact is maybe one of multiple signs,  that tells us to know better, or we will be doomed, as many other organisms before us, as many other civilisations, before us. Maybe if I will write something about kick boxing I will have more audience, but I am not interested. I will be just happy if at least one person, will understand me. That person will know than that is not alone... maybe another person will realise that I might be right and will change... I don't know if my opinion is much better than the lizard's life, I don't know if it will change something, but at least I will know that I have tried... After all, I read somewhere that:

"it takes the same amount of courage to try and fail, as it takes to try and succeed".
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