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About the nation
First, let's define the words:
nation = noun a body of people marked off by common descent, language, culture, or historical tradition whether or not bound by the defined territorial limits of a state.
national = adjective pertaining to a nation or nations; belonging or peculiar to, characteristic of, or controlled by, a nation; public; general; attached to one's own country; nationalistic.
nationalist = noun a person who favours or strives after the unity, independence, interests or domination of a nation
The Chambers Dictionary. Copyright © 1994 by Chambers Harrap Publishers, Ltd. All rights reserved.

It sounds so good... but how many people have died in the process of showing others, that we are better? For thousands of years we have had wars based on exacerbation of the national sentiments, combined with human greed.

The wars were not fought for lack of vital space, as Hitler has put it, but for the interests or domination of a nation. We have had wars since time began, and we were at that time just a bunch of people. Now we are thousands upon thousands of people more than before and still we have enough for everybody.

Why does every country have to do well in the Olympics to prove that better than the others? Is this the spirit of the Olympics; is this the spirit God wanted us to have?

Today, when we depend so much of one another, is 'nation' still a good concept? It would be good if the word nation reflected the traditions, the specific culture of a nation, but it reflects more the interests of a nation, the aspiration of supremacy and so on.

We keep forgetting that our interests are global more than local. Even the so called "local interests" have global ramifications.

We like computer games - the more stupid they are, the better. In almost all these games we try to show that we are better, stronger... and it's usually us against others... Are these useful tools of education? We are on this planet alone. Here we can play only against ourselves...
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