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My Dieting Tips

After I've quit smoking I gained in weight, from 82kg to 110kg. I managed to lose 30kg in one year, changing my life style and my diet. The steps I took to lose weight:
  • One hour daily walk (approx. 6km).
  • Eating lots of snacks in between the main meals.
  • Reducing the daily fat intake.
  • One Exofat pill before the main meals.
  • Drink a lots of water, at least 6 glasses a day.
  • Don't eat more calories than is normal for your body. 
  • Reduce the sugar intake.
  • Do not drink alcohol or soft drinks.
  • Buy a Calorie & Fat Counter book.


I'm not a doctor and I do not want to take his place. Therefore I will give you just a few hints, and it's up to you to decide what it's good and what it's not for you. I strongly recommend you to see a dietician, which will asses your needs. If I'll give you exact figures, they are maybe not healthy for you. All diet parameters are function of age, sex, height, body structure, type of activity etc. What I want to achieve by writing these lines, is to give you hope that it's possible to lose weight without starving. 

Your body needs fat in order to function properly. By reducing your fat intake under the normal level, you force your body to consume  the difference from your "love handles".

Beside the fat you should also watch careful the number of calories per day. Alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, fat they all have lots of calories per gram. Eat more vegetables, but not cooked with oil.

When you buy food or cook, use Calorie & Fat Counter book to decide how much and what to cook.

Daily exercise it's also an important part. Avoid using the car and use your legs, especially if you care about their shape.

When said "eat lots of snacks" I was referring to fruits, low fat low calories biscuits, cereal bars, instant soups low in fat and so on.

Exofat it's not a wonder drug. It's supposed to decrease a bit the quantity of the fat you get with your meal.

Gabriel Ditu

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